Freiburger Stiftung für die Jugend (FFJ)

The Fribourg Foundation for Youth was created on January 1, 2016 with the union of the following institutions under one "roof": Foyer des Bonnesfontaines, Foyer Saint-Etienne, Time Out, Séjour de Rupture, La Préfo and ASEA. The Foundation's mission is to accompany children, young people and families who have difficulties in social inclusion.

furrerhugi was asked to accompany and advise the foundation during this transition: creation of a new visual identity (logos, image concept), website, media information, production of various communication tools (stationery, brochure, signage). Currently, the agency is entrusted with the creation and further development of the annual report (since the 2018 edition).

Freiburger Stiftung für die Jugend  (FFJ)