A slim high-rise building with a height of 100 meters, a base building and a free-standing cube are being constructed at a key location in the up-and-coming Bernese suburb of Ostermundigen. The new Bärenplatz is an ideal location for restaurant and retail spaces as well as office and service areas. A hotel is planned for the lower part of the high-rise building, with a panorama restaurant and apartments above. The investment volume of CHF 130 to 140 million will be borne entirely by the private sector. The project is being realized by Halter AG.

furrerhugi was responsible for construction communication (concept/strategy, issue and stakeholder mapping, public events such as forums and echo chambers, media relations, political communication, etc.) and in particular for the campaign for a "Yes" vote to Ostermundigen's new urban planning law, which was the basis for this distinct construction project. The law was accepted with about 73 percent yes votes.


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