Political events have stepped up in recent years and are becoming increasingly confusing. As a result, systematic, semi-automated policy monitoring, with good information processing, is increasingly becoming the key to success.

Digital public affairs taken to a new level

furrerhugi has been working with on issue monitoring and reporting since September 2022. We have been impressed by our forward-looking interdisciplinary collaboration with the data and knowledge management team at Politanalytics AG.



The online application offers a host of benefits for our professional public affairs work, allowing us to offer our customers even better, more efficient policy monitoring and consulting services.




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Replacement of in-house “politoscope” and “PolitVisualiser” tools
furrerhugi was an early adopter of digital policy monitoring solutions. In 2008, we were the first agency in Switzerland to develop our own web-based monitoring tool, in the form of “politoscope”, followed by a second online application in 2017, “PolitVisualiser”, which provides upper management with a swift, visual overview. Collaborating with will enable us to advance our work in the field of digital public affairs even further. A targeted process of further development has enabled us to integrate the capabilities and strengths of our previous tools into