Commune communication

Swiss communes have different groups of stakeholders – the residents, local businesses and organizations, and cantonal offices. Adapting communication to the relevant target group is essential. A number of communes throughout Switzerland have already overcome communication-related challenges together with furrerhugi.  

Positioning tasks 

  • Creating legislation targets and plans 
  • Moderation of concept processes 

Development projects 

Consulting, process moderation and support with the implementation of projects, including 

  • communal and local development projects  
  • local planning revisions, district planning, redesigning public spaces 
  • construction projects of all types 


  • Developing communication strategies, implementing measures in all communication channels  
  • Conception, consulting, process moderation and implementation of measures in the area of crisis communication 
  • Developing new corporate designs, creation and adaptation of various information and communication instruments (e.g. correspondence, websites, flyers, publications, lettering, social media, etc.)