Helen Wili

Head of Finance & HR

Helen Wili

Helen Wili is an expert when it comes to numbers and plays a crucial role in the agency’s day-to-day business. She always keeps track of revenues and costs and regularly informs the management, the furrerhugi partner panel and the board of directors about financial developments. In addition, she is also responsible for raising the red flag when costly ideas arise, if necessary.

Apart from her keen understanding of figures, Helen Wili also has an open ear for the employees’ concerns at furrerhugi. She makes time to listen to her colleagues and takes their concerns seriously. This is another important aspect of her role.

In her free time, Helen Wili finds balance and relaxation in nature. She spends a lot of time with her family and enjoys the company of her cats and horse. Nature offers her the opportunity to unwind and recharge her batteries.

E helen.wili [SECURE E-MAIL - REWRITE MANUALLY] *at* furrerhugi.ch