Lara Müller

Head of the Back office

Lara Müller

A lot of drive and a strong organizational talent are the hallmarks of Lara Müller. As head of the back office, she not only takes charge of her team, but is also always on hand to resolve IT problems or support trainees. She is also undaunted when it comes to overcoming other difficulties and supports her colleagues with a wide range of tasks and challenges in their day-to-day work.

Thanks to her many years of professional experience as well as her training as a commercial clerk with Swiss Federal VET Diploma and the successful completion of her Baccalaureate, coupled with continuous further training, Lara Müller possesses a broad range of skills. She uses these in a targeted manner to successfully pursue her professional tasks.

In addition to her professional expertise, Lara also demonstrates a high degree of organizational talent in her private life. She manages to harmoniously combine family, friends, her dogs and her passion for good food and fine wine.

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