Iris Mende

Senior Consultant

Iris Mende

Iris Mende is a generalist with a broad range of experience who has a distinctive flair for striking the right note. After completing her doctorate in German Studies at the University of Göttingen, she has gained a deep insight into the finer points of corporate communications through further education such as the MAS Business Communications at the Zurich School of Economics.  

As a media spokesperson for the Swiss energy company Groupe E, Iris Mende gained valuable industry experience before joining Crausaz & Partenaires Stratégies et Communication SA, now a part of furrerhugi, in August 2018. If one were to emphasize the main areas of her work as a communication consultant, it would be the healthcare and the energy sectors – in these areas she works for several clients. 

In her free time, Iris Mende is most likely to be found in the forest – either with her dog or on horseback. When indoors, she can be found eliciting beautiful sounds from her cello or piano.


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