Lorenz Furrer

Managing Partner

Lorenz Furrer

Lorenz Furrer is managing partner and one of the founders of furrerhugi. He is a versatile communication professional with an unparalleled network in Bern. Lorenz Furrer is the visionary of the agency who identifies trends and finds creative solutions. He is an expert in political communication and specialises in lobbying projects and strategic PR.

Lorenz Furrer holds an Executive Master in corporate communication management specialising in political communication. He managed pr access in Bern and advised the University of the Arts and the Federal Department of Finance. Lorenz Furrer studied history, political science and constitutional law at the University of Bern.

Lorenz Furrer is a passionate polo player and a member of Bern polo club. The pastor’s son also finds downhill skiing to be a great way to clear the mind. And if he doesn't find his office work creative enough, he makes up for it by preparing the finest cuisine in his own kitchen.

E lorenz.furrer [SECURE E-MAIL - REWRITE MANUALLY] *at* furrerhugi.ch