Thibault Castioni

Senior Consultant

Thibault Castioni

When it comes to political issues and topics, Thibault Castioni is an expert – as he has devoted his professional career primarily to politics. After graduating from the University of Lausanne with a degree in political science, training in journalism and deepening his knowledge of English, Thibault Castioni first worked as a journalist in the news department of Radio Fribourg and later at SDA in the field of political reporting and analysis. In 2010, he moved to the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds as media relations coordinator, where he took over as head of the city chancellery a year later. In 2016, Thibault Castioni became Secretary General in the Finance and Mobility Directorate of the City of Lausanne. He joined furrerhugi in 2021, contributing his political expertise to various mandates.

However, there are definitely moments when Thibault Castioni puts politics somewhat in the background and enjoys his free time – he prefers to do this in the mountains, with a good glass of wine or at an ice hockey game.

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