Willi Brand


Willi Brand

Willi Brand is a passionate traveller. But this does not prevent him from returning to a beautiful place. Like recently on his professional journey: At the end of 2017, after ten years as Partner & Senior Consultant at furrerhugi, Willi Brand moved to Merck Sharp & Dohme, one of the world's leading biopharmaceutical companies. At the time, he found it difficult to leave furrerhugi, he says. Now it's all the nicer to be back, he says, with all the valuable experience he gained.

Before that, Willi Brand worked as Head of Communications at the Bern City Planning Office, PR Director at pr access and Strategic Consultant at Republica. At furrerhugi he focuses on health, life science, ICT and infrastructure projects. Prudent strategic planning and conception are as much his specialty as hectic crisis management.

He is and remains a traveler: Willi Brand has lost his heart to the Far East. He traveled to China as early as 1983 and has been visiting the Far East regularly ever since - not least for family reasons, as his wife is from Beijing. In addition, the family man and long-time alpinist likes to spend his free time in the mountains and also likes to play jazzy and rocky tunes on his guitar at home.

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