Ajitha Ananthasorupan

Backoffice Berne

Ajitha Ananthasorupan

A professional back office is essential for our agency. Since mid-2022, Ajitha Ananthasorupan has also been part of our back office team in Bern. After a commercial apprenticeship, several years of experience on the client side and on her way to becoming a certified business economist, she is responsible at furrerhugi for ensuring that administrative work is done efficiently, that the agency is accessible to its clients and that our corporate data are maintained. She not only supports the consultants in project administration, but as an IT super-user she is also the first point of contact for all technical matters.

Ajitha Ananthasorupans' work is not the only thing that is versatile, she also likes to spend her free time in a variety of ways: Be it out in nature, trying out new recipes or traveling to new destinations. Time with family, friends and her dog Akino is also important to her.

E ajitha.ananthasorupan [SECURE E-MAIL - REWRITE MANUALLY] *at* furrerhugi.ch

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