furrerhugi is an inspirational consultant, empathetic supporter and critical sparring partner

furrerhugi has been a leading partner for public affairs and corporate communications since 2006. We have a broad and unique network in politics, the media and business and work for national and international companies, associations, charities and universities, political parties and the administration.  

We work with our clients to deliver customised communication solutions including analysis, strategy, implementation and visual impact. We work on an interdisciplinary basis and are proactive with regard to technological trends. furrerhugi is an owner-managed Swiss agency with offices in Bern, Zurich, Lausanne, Lugano and Brussels. 

furrerhugi is a member of LEADING SWISS AGENCIES LSAthe Swiss Public Relations Association, SPRV/prsuisse and the Swiss Public Affairs Association, SPAG.

CMS certification

furrerhugi has been awarded “Consultancy Management Standard” (CMS III) certification since 2011. We therefore submit our professional, business and ethical standards to the quality control process recognised by our industry association.

Hill & Knowlton

Hill & Knowlton is one of the world’s leading communication agencies and works in partnership with furrerhugi in advising its clients throughout Switzerland.



LEDING SWISS AGENCIES brings together the leading communication and media agencies in Switzerland and stands for quality and a seal of approval for the performance of its members in the market.


NZZ Connect

furrerhugi is networking partner of NZZ Connect and thus of the platforms Swiss Sustainability Forum, FutureHealth, Impact Finance, Real Estate Days, Swiss Economic Forum and Swiss Innovation Forum.