Today, companies face ever-increasing social, economic and moral demands. Maintaining a dialogue with executives and shareholders is becoming increasingly important.

furrerhugi creates a dialogue acting as an inspiring counselor, empathic supporter or critical sparring partner. We share the responsibility with our customers for their concerns and strive for longterm relationships – from the joint development of a new strategy, through the execution to the monitoring of its success.

Is your company in a crisis or being subjected to threats or hostile action? Would you like to launch new products or expand into new markets and sales channels for your services? Do you need support with your annual report, customer magazine, website, media work or with events and texts?

In these and other challenges furrerhugi supports you by means of:

  •  Media Relations
  •  Media and Public Speaking Training
  •  Crisis Management
  •  Digital Communication
  •  Marketing Communications
  •  Event Management


24 October 2018

Digital Public Affairs with furrerhugi

When it comes to digital public affairs, furrerhugi uses two trendsetting web applications for issue monitoring and reporting: "Politoscope" and "PolitVisualiser". The former was recently rebuilt after 10 years in use in October 2018; the latter was newly developed in 2017.

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