Züri Fäscht

furrerhugi dressed up the Züri Fäscht for its next edition from 5 to 7 July 2019 in a new fashion.

furrerhugi supported the Züri Fäscht in the creation of a new and fresh visual appearance with a revised logo, a new main visual and relaunched the website zuerifaescht.ch. The largest Swiss folk festival, which takes place every three years, is a unique mixture of folk festival, party and market place. The main visual now unites Züri Fäscht highlights such as food and beverages, music and fireworks in a humorous way. The traditional lion remains a central element in all communication.

furrerhugi also supports the Organising Committee of the Züri Fäscht in its public relation and media work, marketing and crisis communication as well as with internal communication.


24 October 2018

Digital Public Affairs with furrerhugi

When it comes to digital public affairs, furrerhugi uses two trendsetting web applications for issue monitoring and reporting: "Politoscope" and "PolitVisualiser". The former was recently rebuilt after 10 years in use in October 2018; the latter was newly developed in 2017.

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