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24 October 2018

Digital Public Affairs with furrerhugi

When it comes to digital public affairs, furrerhugi uses two trendsetting web applications for issue monitoring and reporting: "Politoscope" and "PolitVisualiser". The former was recently rebuilt after 10 years in use in October 2018; the latter was newly developed in 2017.

Political events have stepped up in recent years and are becoming increasingly confusing. In such a dynamic environment, professional public affairs management is only possible with systematic and targeted monitoring of relevant political issues. Digital technologies can make an important contribution in terms of recording and processing events.
furrerhugi has been working intensively for some time on the future field of digital public affairs and offers clients two trendsetting web applications. Both use digital technologies to provide clients with a high-quality overview of political events, adapted to their individual needs.
Politoscope helps public affairs professionals by ensuring they do not miss anything in the flood of procedural requests and political deals, and by enabling them to anticipate new issues in a timely manner. furrerhugi launched Politoscope in 2008, and was the first agency in Switzerland to offer a systematic, web-based online monitoring tool for all procedural requests in Swiss parliaments. In October 2018, the application was completely rebuilt taking into account the knowledge gained since its initial launch, as well as new technological opportunities. politoscope.ch
PolitVisualiser places the most important issues on an interactive graph according to their progress through the political process and how urgently action is required. This data visualisation offers a simple overview and clearly shows connections. The application makes it easier for management committees to strategically oversee their public affairs management. furrerhugi developed PolitVisualiser in 2017 in collaboration with Datahouse – a leading ETH spin-off specialising in data and analysis. The experience gained since then has been used to further expand the application.



3 April 2019

furrerhugi verstärkt sich in der lateinischen Schweiz

furrerhugi positioniert sich als nationale Kommunikationsagentur, die eine starke Präsenz in der Romandie und in der italienischen Schweiz hat. Hierzu erweitert die Agentur ihr Team in der Romandie und begrüsst ab 1. April die bekannte Politjournalistin Chrystel Domenjoz in ihren Reihen. Zudem werden Angelo Geninazzi und Claudine Esseiva Partner.

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