Clé de Berne

Clé de Berne is a private club owned by the agency: it is a place for stimulating discussions at the interface between business, politics, and society.

Clé de Berne offers its own network and themebased activities, an exquisite private restaurant and various meeting rooms, business lunches and other events.

Members will gain insight and be inspired by exposure to new ideas and diverse backgrounds. The focus is on political and economic issues but without pursuing a specific political agenda.

T +41 31 311 51 11

What does «Clé de Berne» mean?

The Central Office for International Carriage by Rail was created in 1893, set up its headquarters in Bern and was the predecessor of the «Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail (OTIF)». One of its first official acts was to establish a global definition for the socket wrench, the «Clé de Berne». For us, the «Key to Bern» is a metaphor describing one of our key services.


24 October 2018

Digital Public Affairs with furrerhugi

When it comes to digital public affairs, furrerhugi uses two trendsetting web applications for issue monitoring and reporting: "Politoscope" and "PolitVisualiser". The former was recently rebuilt after 10 years in use in October 2018; the latter was newly developed in 2017.

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