About us

For more than a decade furrerhugi, an owner-managed agency, has been providing public affairs and corporate communications services. We connect people with ideas at the interface between business, politics and society.

furrerhugi has a broad and well-developed network in politics, the media as well as business and works for national and international companies, associations, non-profit organizations, political parties and public administration.

For and together with our customers, we develop comprehensive communication solutions: from the analysis to the execution of an overall communications strategy including the visual appearance. We do this is in four languages and at our locations in Berne, Zurich, Lausanne, Lugano and Brussels.

To meet the specific PR needs of blockchain companies, furrerhugi offers PR communication work in the Crypto Valley since March 2018. Together with Lakeside Partners, furrerhugi’s specialized team provides PR services for blockchain needs under the name Narwal Blockchain PR. For further con-sulting in the fields of events, online marketing and international PR, furrerhugi can offer its clients an expert network thanks to agency partnerships with evenjo (events), MindNow (online marketing) and Hill+Knowlton (international PR).

Furrerhugi is certified by the Consultancy Management Standard (CMS III) and is a member of the Association of Swiss Public Relations Agencies (BPRA), the Swiss Public Affairs Society (SPAG) and the Swiss Public Relations Association (pr suisse).


24 October 2018

Digital Public Affairs with furrerhugi

When it comes to digital public affairs, furrerhugi uses two trendsetting web applications for issue monitoring and reporting: "Politoscope" and "PolitVisualiser". The former was recently rebuilt after 10 years in use in October 2018; the latter was newly developed in 2017.

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